Looking For A Gold Coast Auto Transmission Specialist You Can Trust?

With 20+ years experience on the Gold Coast, our past clients will attest to our honesty & trustworthiness – & the fact that we offer the fastest repairs on the Coast.

If you have troubles with your automatic transmission, we will get you repaired and back on the road faster – at fair & honest prices.


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Automatic Transmission Servicing & Repairs

Have you ever had an Automatic Transmission break down? It can be a very costly piece of equipment in your vehicle. Just like servicing your engine regularly, your Automatic Transmission also requires regular attention.

At All Transmissions, we recommend servicing your transmission once per year – to keep it running efficiently, but most importantly to prevent any future breakdowns or costly repair issues.

Our highly trained Transmission technicians can perform a diagnostic check on all types of cars, including European and imported vehicles, and 4x4s. Bring your car in for a Free 5 Minute Diagnostic check, and we can provide you with expert advice tailored to your vehicle.


Automatic Transmission Overhauls

Complete Transmission overhauls are a big job! Many mechanics simply do not have the transmission experience or expertise to confidently perform high quality overhauls as fast as possible.

In fact, often times a standard mechanic can rebuild your transmission with inherent problems that will lead to major issues down the track.

That’s why you should see a Transmission specialist, who doesn’t work on every other part of your car during the day – all we do is Transmissions. That’s why we are the fastest, and that’s why we are the best. 


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Hi-Performance Transmissions & Torque Converters

Whatever horsepower you are looking to put through your Transmission, we can build a custom box to handle it – and last the distance. 

Whether it’s for drag racing or street duties, our team will customise a Transmission & Torque Converter combination specifically for you.

Call us today for a Free Quote on your next High Performance Automatic Transmission.


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